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What Is Infoblast?

Infoblast is a suite of two ways communication and messaging services available via fixed line number.
This service will be offered to both existing TM fixed line business and residential customers.

Infoblast is capitalizing on mirror number to enable customer to send and receive messages via internet
enable PC. Infoblast can be accessible through Infoblast Portal or downloadable Client known as Infoblaster.

Is there any pre requisite to subscribe Infoblast?

Yes. To subscribe to infoblast you must; Existing TM fixed line subscriber.
Have internet enables PC to accessto Infoblast Portal or Infoblaster.

How can I subscribe to the service?

You need to register at
And fill in all information required.
You will be given temporary 6 digit activation PIN
Is valid for 3 days upon the date of registration.
You are also required to create login and password for your infoblast account.

What should I do if my temporary 6-digit activation PIN has expired?

You need to register again at

How to activate my account?

To activate your infoblast account,you need to dial 1-300-888-666
From the registered fixed line number.

What the features available for Infoblast?

(a).Infoblast Portal or Infoblaster-You have the option to manage their SMS and voice message either from infoblast portal or download client known as infoblaster.

(b).Broadcast Message-You can broadcast voice message and SMS to TM fixed line users,mobile users and other Infoblast Users.

(c).Message Retrival-You can read SMS and listen to voice messages from infoblast portal inbox or Infoblaster inbox.

(d). Message Notification-You can set option to receive nitification whenever anew message is received in your Infoblast account.

(e).Message Reply-Yo can reply a message in any form they require i.e.voice message or SMS.

(f).Inbox Retrieval-You can retrieve inbox summary by dialing 1 300 88 8666

(g).Address Book-You can manage one address book for both voice message and SMS

(h).Message Scheduler-You are able to scheduler a message to sent at a later date and time

(i).Auto Reply and Auto Forward-You can automatically reply received message when you are away or forward the massage to your FSMS or mobole phone

(j).Auto Move and Auto Delete-You can automatically sort or delete incoming message

(k).100M inbox size-You will given 100 M inbox size for infoblast portal

(l).Outgoing Transaction-You can view your outgoing message transaction by day or range of dates

There are minimum desktop / laptop specification and internet browser to be used for infoblast?

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How do I send voice message or SMS

You have to login to Infoblast Portal or Infoblaster,click on the COMPOSE button and select type of message you want to send,insert recipient number and record voice or type your SMS.You can also attached pre recorded audio file in and it MUST be wav format.

For detail instruction on how to compose and send voice message and SMS,please refer to User Guide Manual which available at

Can I send or receive messages while I'm not in Malaysia?

Yes,you can send and receive message while you are not in Malaysia as lomng as you are connected to internet.

Can I send or received messages if my telephone line is temporary out of service or terminated?

No, you cannot send and receive message if your fixed line is temporary out of service or terminated.

Can I check my inbox if there no internet connectivity?

You can only check your inbox summary by dialing 1 300 88 8666.
The IVR will inform the number of new voice and text messages available in your inbox.
IVR will only play the first 20 new voice messages.To listen to other voice messages and read new SMS you need to login to infoblast Portal or Infoblaster.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password at Infoblast Portal or Infoblaster under account information menu.For detail instruction on how to change password,please refer to user guide manual which available at

Is there any registration, one-time charges and monthly charges impose by TM to Infoblast user?

No registration,one time charges and monthly charges applicable.

What is the charge of using Infoblast?

Infoblast charges is based on message transaction
The charge is varies according to total usage of the billing period

No. of Message Voice Message / SMS
1 - 50,000 12 sen per message
50,000 - 100,000 11 sen per message
Above 100,000 10 sen per message

1 message = 160 characters. If more than 160 characters, the charges will be multiply with no of messages

Where do the charges being billed?

All usage will be reflected in your TM fixed line bill (Bill Telefon & Multimedia)

What is the minimum subscription period?

You may use the service as long as your fixed line account is active.

How much will I be charged when dialing 1-300-88-8666?

You will be charge at 4sen/minute if dialing from TM fixed line.
If you are dialing from mobile the charge will be according to your mobile operator

To whom shall I contact if I have any problem regarding the service?

Please contact 100 for Billing and Fault Complaint

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